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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Do You Know? Trees Can Reduce The Depression

Do You Know? Trees Can Reduce The Depression: Depression is becoming more common in cities and mental health has a negative effect on the body.

However, increasing the number of trees can reduce the risk of depression and improve mental health.

This was revealed in a new medical study in Germany.

Research has shown that a lush environment has a positive effect on mental health, in fact, the presence of a tree near the house protects against depression.

The study looked at data from 10,000 people and looked at the condition of the trees around them.

Looking at the various factors related to depression, it was discovered that the more trees there are around the house (less than a hundred meters), the lower the rate of people prescribing sedatives.

This relationship is stronger in the lower-income group, which also has a higher risk of depression.

Researchers say that the presence of trees in the streets is a natural recipe for good mental health.

The results suggest that the presence of trees around homes also helps bridge the gap in health inequalities between different classes, he said.

“This is good news because the trees are easy to plant and their numbers can be increased without much planning,” he added.

According to research, trees will not only benefit human health but also reduce environmental problems.

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Do You Know? Trees Can Reduce The Depression

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